Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tending My Life

The View From Here

Hello!  I realise it's been awhile since I last posted. This has been the longest hiatus I've ever taken from my personal blog since it's inception 11 1/2 years ago. By way of explanation, I've been busy tending my life. Sometimes you just have to step away from the computer. It wasn't planned-it just sort of happened and obviously, I needed a break.

The Clinical & Population Health Committee 2016

So what have I been up to? Well three weeks ago, I flew out to Toronto to do medical grant reviews for the MS Society of Canada. I was assigned to the Clinical and Population Health committee. You can read more about that here and here. The work, as always was deeply satisfying and I am a bit sad to have it come to an end. (Community Reps can only serve for a maximum of 2 terms.) I learned so much about MS research and the grant review process. It was a gift to have the opportunity to serve in this way and I am grateful.


It was -14C (not taking into account the wind chill factor) the whole time I was there, so it was pretty freakin' cold. That didn't stop me from wandering the city in search of graffiti on my last morning there though. I had a great time just wandering the streets on my own and photographing as I went. It's one of my most favourite things to do in any city. I was thrilled to discover the TORONTO sign from the 2015 PanAm and ParaPanAm Games was just a block from my hotel. Of course I had to go do a selfie there!

Vivienne posing so we can practice shooting people.

Since I've been home from Toronto, I took a class (Which I won! YAY!) with Vivienne McMaster at Camp Tech on taking better photos using your iPhone. It was a great class-I met some really nice people and I felt like I instantly improved my skills.

Here are a couple shots I was especially happy with:

I also won a spot in an online class with Tara Leaver called Practical Intuition: Make Your Own Oracle Cards

This is the deck I have been working on so far. I made cards from my Gelli prints. I cut 48 cards so far, no two alike. Now I just have to decide my next move. It's been interesting seeing everyone's decks as they progress.

Aside from all that, I have been busy with the Health Mentors program. I am in the middle of my 4th cohort now. I am also getting ready to head to LA for NMO Patient Day in early March. I look forward to hearing what's new in the world of NMO research and connecting with my fellow NMO peeps. 

So...I think that about catches things up for now!

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Seth said...

Always nice to hear about what is happening in your world! Great to hear that you continue to be active on both the creative and the medical fronts.