Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Silver Anniversary!!

(My all time favourite photo of us.)

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary!!

Like any couple, we've been through so much in the past two and a half decades but through it all, I can honestly say that we've always been very happily married. My husband's name means "the rock" and he has been exactly that in our life together-steadfast and strong, in his own quiet way. I am so blessed to have him in my life and if his having survived both kidney cancer and a major heart attack didn't drive that point home, nothing would. I am grateful he is alive and we are able to celebrate this beautiful mile stone today.

"He loved her of course, 
but better than that, 
he chose her, day after day.
Choice: that was the thing."
~Sherman Alexi

Happy Anniversary my love. You are truly the best man I know.


gisele said...

awwww... congratulations, you two!

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary...here's to many more!

pilarisa321 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy anniversary!!!

Seth said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!