Friday, April 29, 2005

From My Imagination

This girl has been smokin' making samples for Paper Artsy. Below I have posted some of the art I managed to get done this week. I plan to do more as the ideas come. If you haven't checked out their beautiful line of rubber stamps, you are really missing out!

It is wonderful when the ideas just some easily. Some days they don't, so I really appreciate the days when they do. I am really enjoying doing design team work and hope to continue, whether for businesses or for publications. I love the challenge. (Must be the Aries in me-never tell me something is impossible-I will find a way to move mountains!) The publication work is really exciting-the whole process of designing something, making it, sending it off and then waiting (Oh the agony of the waiting!) to see it appear on the pages. I just love it! It's very satisfying.

Anyway, I have about an hour more to work before my guys get home, so I had better get back to arting! *waves*

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