Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Snail Mail

I have to say one of the perks to being involved in the altered art community is the wonderful windfall of beautiful mail that comes to my house. Everything from art supplies to RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) to artwork to zines. I love it all and let me tell you, the arrival of our postal carrier has become a daily event which I wait for with great anticipation. Hardly a week goes by that something great does not arrive.

Todays offerings were some pages pulled from a Spanish book from an artist friend. I was looking for some, so I put the word out and a week later, here they are! (I am trading for some French dictionary, Asian text and German sheet music pages.) Ask and ye shall receive!

My latest order from Papier Valise -gears, metal alphabets and teeny filagree wings also arrived today. Janice packs things so carefully (much appreciated!) and always tucks in a little something extra. YAY! I find myself checking the "What's New" page constantly, not wanting to miss a thing. *grin*

I also did some real life shopping this morning with a friend and managed to find a really cool rubber stamp. It's a triangle with an eye in it-kind of like the all seeing eye on the back of the American dollar bill. Very Da Vinci Code, so I had to have it. (I am a DaVinci Code addict! Dan Brown rocks!)

So...it was a good day all the way round. Lots of new toys to play with.
*does a happy dance*

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