Thursday, May 19, 2005

Updates In Progress

Slowly but surely I am adding some new art to the galleries. I got a few things done this evening, but my eyes are tired so I won't get it all finished tonight. The gallery that got new artwork tonight is #5 if you are wanting to take a peek.

This has been an enormously busy week with working the election and several commitments and having to run down to the tire guys to get my wheels torked. (Don't ask!) In order to actually get art done, I got up at o'dark thirty. It's amazing what comes out of my head at that hour. Some people can stay up into the wee hours to work-not me. I would probably fall asleep in my paint pallet and it would not be pretty! No, my brain turns into a pumpkin after 11 p.m. but get me up early and I am good to go!

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada-Monday is Victoria Day so it's a stat. On Sunday my gal pal that I have known since Kindergarten is coming over and she and I and my guys are going to see the new Star Wars movie. We grew up on the original ones-we were 6 when the first one came out and I began my life-long love affair with Harrison Ford. (Who by the way was filming here last week at the airport. My gal pal was working as an extra in his new movie and actually got to talk to him!! *swoon*)

Anyhow, I am not sure how much art time I will have this weekend, but I should find some time to finish the updates. Stay tuned!

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