Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I got an email the other day from Laura-Ann at Cotton Ginny. I had had a bit of trouble with the colourfastness of an article of clothing. Normally I don't have any trouble with the clothes I buy from CG. I have been shopping there for 19 years. Their stuff is exceptionally well made, comfortable and stylish which is why it's the only place I have bought clothes since I was 15.

Anyway, I emailed the company and Laura-Ann was kind enough to help me sort it out. Sorting it out meant she tracked down a replacement shirt for the one that had been ruined and sent me a gift card to cover the replacement of the one that ran and was no longer in stock.

It was a bit of fiddling to get it sorted out and I appreciated her taking care of it so I made her a small collaged post card (vintage sewing themed) as a thank you and sent it to her. She emailed me to tell me she had received it and really liked it. A couple of her coworkers had photocopied it so they could have it posted in their workspaces. *hee!* I am happy she liked it.

Anyway, if you are reading this Laura-Ann, know that I really did appreciate your help and good humour about the whole thing! *waving to you in TO!*

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