Monday, July 18, 2005

Looking Ahead

The countdown continues folks-I just checked the calendar and there are only 24 more days till Artwerx!! I am *so* excited to be going. Not only am I going to be taking two cool classes but I will get to spend time with some really great people-friends old and new. (Which for me is the best part!)

I am currently working away at a new class I will be teaching next month on visual journalling. It's coming along nicely and I have to say the process of playing with paint has been fun. I have also been booking classes for the fall. It's a real blessing to be doing what I love.

STILL waiting for Somerset Studio's latest edition to hit the stands here. It was out in the US in mid June and here we are in late July and no sign of it yet. VERY frustrating! Last edition, they only shipped 200 instead of 2000 to Canada so copies were like gold-if you could get your hands on one. I think it's about time I emailed them to enquire what's taking so long. By the time we get them here, it's old news!

Anyway, I must run! No rest for the wicked! (Now that would be a cool art piece!)

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