Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Gypsying Life Continues...

For those of you keeping track, this Wednesday, the final day of August will mark 6 weeks in exile. I am happy to report though that we now have FLOORS and LIGHTS. (SEE?!?) The insurance company decided at the 11th hour to put new lino throughout, not just the bathroom. This meant racing home to remove furnature in the hall, kitchen and dining area (and unpacking the entire contents of my canning cupboard!) so that the work could be done. A royal pain in the short term, but I know we will be happy about it in the long term.

Just to add a bit of fun, the hotel also kicked us out of our suite and back into the regular hotel room last Thursday. This meant packing up everything and then unpacking most of it in the smaller room. Apparently someone had booked our suite way back in April and the hotel was not willing to bump them to another room. (Two ladies, on vacation.) Somehow I think the fact that we are a family and homeless should have trumped their vacation, but I just couldn't get the hotel to agree. The ladies checked out this morning and after the cleaners went through, we were able to have it back and will keep it for the remainder of our stay. I am HOPING we are able to come home by the long weekend. If I cross my fingers and pray real hard, it might just happen!

In the meantime, just for sanity's sake, I went to Bellingham's ATC swap on Saturday with friends. We had a great time shopping and had lunch at the Coliphon Cafe, just before we went to swap cards. It was so nice to get out of the hotel for the day.

Once I get home, I have alot of updating I need to do to the website-lots of pictures to upload and some other new things to add. I can't wait to have my computer access restored. I miss my computer!!

Anyway, that's the scoop! I hope everyone is having a good last hurrah oh summer before school starts. Oh and have I mentioned how happy I am that school will be starting soon?? *grin*

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