Wednesday, August 31, 2005


In the midst of this trail I am enduring with regards to my home, comes Katrina. It's amazing to me that when you think you have it bad, the Universe perks up and says "Now wait just a minute! Here's some perspective!" Given all that I have seen on the tv in the last couple of days- the heartwrenching stories of people losing EVERYTHING-homes, their personal belongings, some of them even their lives, and the survivors being stripped down to the bare bones of exsistance, I must give my head a shake and be utterly thankful that my own situation is NOTHING compaired to theirs. It's a humbling thing to see.

This disaster has reminded me of that familiar feeling of grief and despair I felt in the wake of 9/11, a feeling that moved me to action. If you are fortunate enough to have not been affected by Katrina, please think of those that were. Get out there and do what you can where you are. Everyone can do something! Contact your local aid centers and volunteer some time if you can't afford to make a donation. If you can afford to, write a cheque! Every dollar counts. People often forget about the need for blood after a disaster to help those who are injured. If you can donate blood, call and find out where the next clinic will be and when and then make an appointment to go roll up your sleeve. Please everyone, do what you can. We need to remember we are always just one slight twist of fate away from needing help like these people are. "Everything you ever do for anyone makes a difference."

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