Saturday, September 03, 2005

Home!! (Is there any sweeter word?)

After 6 weeks + 2 days, I am HOME!! Of course the place is in utter choas-stuff flung far and wide. Every room is heaped with bathroom stuff and clothes and art supplies and, and, and...

It's going to take me the entire weekend to get it sorted out and liveable again, but I am just *SO* relieved to be out of the hotel. Let me just say we won't be going on any trips that require a hotel stay for awhile. It's okay for a few days, but 6 weeks was waaaaay too long for me.

There are still some cosmetic installations to be finished in our bathroom, but it's functional, so here we are. I think the carpenter will be by sometime next week to finish up. There's a custom linen cabinet to install and some baseboards and that's it. I will post a pic when it's all done. I still have some items to replace that had to be disposed of when they got wet, (EWW!) but I haven't had time to go looking for them. I have a shower curtain and a bath mat and that will do for now.

It's going to be a busy week with ds starting high school and I have lots of work to do for classes I am teaching in the next little while.I also want to do some updating to my website soon. It's so good to have access to my computer again!! I have been utterly lost without it.

Okay, off to scare up some lunch and then get to work unpacking and cleaning up! *Waves*

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