Monday, September 19, 2005

Plugging Away

Whew! What a week! Between running to the crisis line every day, plugging away on the classes I am writing (and teaching) and the usual mum duties, I have been up to my eyeballs! I think I am becoming quite the juggler!

This week will be full with finishing up preparations for a couple of classes I am teaching in the next few weeks as well as a number of errands. I have also been purging the house of unnecessary contents after having all of my stuff strewn all over while the repairs/renos were going on. Today marks week NINE of this craziness (I call it casa del chaos) and they are still not done. I am waiting on the floor guys to come fix the bubbles in the new lino and then the carpenter guy will come back, install the rest of the baseboards and do paint touch ups. In the meantime, they have be tearing apart the bathroom upstairs to fix it. That has caused a number of eight legged freaks to find their way into my part of the house. This means at around 8 p.m. every night, I am treated to the scare of my life. I am not talking eensy-weensy spiders here, but the kind that have a body about the size of a dime and huge long legs. The only funny part is watching my husband chasing them because man are they FAST! He's finally realized it's better to give them the business end of a shoe and then grab and flush them. ICK! I was never afraid of them until I got badly bit 2 summers ago. They got me in a blackberry patch-SEVEN bite that were horribly painful and took 8 weeks to heal. *shivers*

I am heading to Seattle on Thursday with a friend and I am looking forward to maybe having the chance to snap some photos while I am there. The weather has been so beautiful here and fall is just getting started. My favourite time of year!! I am just itching to give my digi cam a work out!

If I owe you an email, please be patient. I have been trying to play catch up and will get to it soon! Promise. In the meantime everyone, have a good week and don't forget to visit Sally Jean's web site. She is helping raise money for the American Red Cross to benefit those affected by Katrina. See my previous post for details!

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