Monday, September 19, 2005

Collaborative Books

So I have this thing about Collaborative books. My friend Penn first introduced me to them and I have become hopelessly addicted. She and I have been taking turns hosting the books. (Sometimes we co-host.) Most of the books I have worked on are posted to my website in one form or another.

Currently, I am hosting one called "Thinking Outside the Box", the theme of which is the beauty of cemeteries. I also have a thing about cemeteries. I think they can be quite beautiful and interesting. When I was in New York last summer, Carlos kept driving by this one near the Williamsburg Bridge. It reminded me of the style you would see in Louisiana and I so badly wanted to go there to explore. I think he thought I was nuts. (I never did manage to get him to detour there.) Anyway, I think you can learn alot about a place by its cemeteries. So this collaborative is actually being done with photos of cemeteries, graves, etc. from around the world. So far the pages that have come in are fantastic and I am so glad I went ahead with this idea. It's been so great I am thinking that I might have to do a part 2 at some point. (Although it's Penn's turn to host next and I know she has her theme all planned.)

I just love making these books. I have a collection of 8 so far with 2 more on the way. Penn and I have been working in small groups of 12-14 people which has been a good number for us. Some hostesses work with groups of anywhere from 25-50 participants. Personally I don't really like to work in groups that big. It's alot of work hostessing and I can't imagine having to hand coil 50 books! I also wouldn't enjoy making 50 of something. I want my art making to be joyful, not onerous and I know that after 12 of anything, I would be gritting my teeth. My hat's off though to anyone brave enough to tackle those big groups!

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to share that the "Thinking Outside the Box" book will be done hopefully before the end of October and I am so excited. Every time pages arrive, it's like Christmas! I can't wait to share it with you!

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