Friday, September 23, 2005

Road Trip!

Yesterday I took my dear friend Lisa to Seattle for an eye appointment. As long as we have been friends, we have never actually traveled somewhere together. It was so much fun. We were laughing and gabbing the whole way.

We stopped to shop at Archie Mc Phee's.
It was very entertaining. They have the weirdest selection of novelty items there. Everything from rubber chickens, to tins, to bobble heads to candy...there's just bin after bin of fun stuff and all dirt cheap. I even picked up a Day of the Dead snack box tin for $1.99! Very cool! It's definitely somewhere I want to visit again!

After that, we made our way into Seattle. Let me just say driving in Seattle is interesting. I managed to almost run over a pedestrian. (Okay I was really only coasting and had I not stopped in time, I would have merely nudged her with my car-my foot was on the brake and I was just slowly coasting.) I was distracted trying to read the signs to figure out where we were. For that, I got the dirtiest look, which I guess I had coming, but then who steps out in front of a moving car assuming they are stopping?!?

I also managed to somehow go backwards up a one way which totally baffled us both. I left the parking garage and we were on a two way street. I crossed the intersection and suddenly realized all the painted directions on the road were upside down. Luckily we were the only car on the block so I quick turned into a laneway. Then Lisa says "But what if this is a one way laneway?!?" I told her it was the lesser of two evils. What was odd was that this street changed to a one way coming towards us with NO WARNING. Not a single sign saying ONE WAY or DO NOT ENTER!! It must be the litmus test for visitors!

Pike Place market was fun. I haven't been there in years. We wandered around looking for something for lunch until we got a whiff of little donuts and followed our noses. A dozen hot off the press donuts for $2! We each got a bag. They were delicious!!

Wandering back through the market, I returned to a stall where I saw a necklace I wanted and bought it and then we headed off to Lisa's doctor's. Coming home we stopped at Stampadoodle and had a nice visit with Wendy, my friend who owns it and then headed to the Colophon Cafe for dinner, which was excellent, as always. It was a great day!

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