Friday, October 21, 2005


So my friend Deb Trotter was asking what kinds of things you have in your home that are "you". I thought that was a great question, so I wandered the house and took some pics. Above are a few of my collections. I was collecting vintage/folky bees stuff. (Not cutesy!) I have alot of bee related things from the 1920' & 30's, as well as folky stuff like you can see in the picture. I have stopped collecting this stuff unless I see something really cool.

I have a thing for Kewpie dolls. All of mine are naked (They came that way!) and are standing there with their hands up saying "I dunno!" They just make me laugh. If I spot on somewhere, I buy it. I hope to add to this collection.

Then there are my quilts. This is only a partial showing of my collection. I have the autumn ones hanging in my hallway-it's always Autumn-I never take them down. (There are more, but I am in the process of restoring them after the disaster this summer.) Also, my 9/11 quilt hangs in my entryway and always will. That is my way of remembering every day.

Oh and the bear is just for Deb's amusement. I have several handmade mohair, fully jointed ones I made myself but this one my husband bought me and it's commercially made. I spotted her in a window and had to have her. He gave it to me for my birthday one year, along with concert tickets. She sits in my bedroom window.

The other collections I didn't show was vintage Raggedy Anne stuff. Raggedy Ann was big when I was a kid-that and Holly Hobby, which my friend Farrell collects. I also collect vintage buttons and sewing notions. I have jars of cool buttons. I just can't resist sewing stuff! You can never have too many buttons.

So there you have it-the stuff that surrounds me. What do you have?!?

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