Sunday, October 23, 2005


A group of my friends is doing a monthly ATC swap. There were a bunch of themes brought foreword and we voted for 12 of our favourites. This month's theme was Solstice. Well I didn't know too much about it, but in doing research I discovered that the celebration of Solstice goes way back in time (think Stonehenge!) and spans a number of religions and peoples. It's kind of interesting really.

Anyway, I decided to make the focus of my ATC the moon. Winter Solstice takes place on or around December 22nd and marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night. I think there must be a Faerie for this event, since 22 is my personal magical /lucky number and the moon too is magical. I also love winter, having grown up in the home of winter, Winnipeg. No one knows winter like a Canadian Prairie girl! LOL! Did you know the dead silence in winter actually has a sound? I do!

So here is my winter solstice ATC for our swap-it's a fold out. I am ahead of the game too-these aren't due till November 15th-imagine that!!

Hope you are having a creative weekend!

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