Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Got Tagged

Okay so I am supposed to post 5 random and/or little known facts about myself, thanks to Deb Trotter. Here goes nothing:

1. I am a human juke box. I remember music and lyrics really easily and I love singing in my car. When I am really stressed out, I go for a drive and just crank the radio up. I can remember songs I learned in grade school. I remember which albums songs were from and often the year they were released. My husband likes to test me on this all the time, especially since he is older than me. Usually I pass the test, since I have a very eclectic taste in music.

2. I have a very warped sense of humour and like nothing better than a good laugh. Many is the time I have been working with my pal Lisa and the two of us our howling so loud her husband comes into the office to see what's going on. I have laughed until it hurts and tears are streaming down my face. That is a golden moment of friendship.

3. I cannot sleep in a bed where the quilt is upside down. I know this sounds like an odd quirk, but if you put a handmade quilt or a duvet on a bed, there is a right and wrong way to position it. If you have it the wrong way, it's too short and you end up fighting for covers all night. With a handmade quilt, when you stand at the foot, you should be able to see the design properly. If the quilt is on the wrong way, I will make my husband turn the light on and I will get out and fix it. He thinks I'm nuts. 15 years of marriage and he still doesn't get it. *sigh*

4. I am one hell of a good cook. (I know this because I have been told!) I cook most things from scratch, can my own fruits, jams, salsa, BBQ sauce, etc. (I have blue ribbons from canning!) I also grow my own organic veggies. You will never have a bad meal at my house. I love to cook but I HATE baking.

5. I have a very soft heart. I cannot abide suffering. If I see something wrong, I feel the undeniable need to move to do something. I think this comes from my Prairie upbringing. Prairie people look out for one another. They are imbued with a very strong sense of community. There is a sense of responsibility for others. Just ask my husband-I cry when I see something sad or unjust on the news. I do that alot. I also am fiercely protective of the people I love.

Okay so there you have it! My turn to tag someone.....Deryn Mentock I tag you! You're it!!

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