Friday, October 14, 2005

The new Artplay calendar is out for 2006. Do you recognize whose work is on the cover? Tracy Roos'! Congratulations Tracy! This is *very* cool!

I received a copy of last year's calendar from my friend Penn and I have it hanging where it will inspire me. I really like the idea of working on pages specifically for a calendar like this. I would much rather look at altered artwork than just about anything else you could think to use for a calendar theme. I can remember when Sarah Lugg first came out with her own. I wanted a copy so badly, but no one had one in stock. (This was predawn of my internet days.) I would have given my eyeteeth to have gotten my hands on a copy, but no such luck!

In addition to Tracy, these are some of the other artist whose work is being featured in the Artplay calendar:

Lisa Cook
Sarah Fishburn
Jill Hadaway
Claudine Hellmuth
Denise Lombardozzi
Lunaea Weatherstone
Karenanne Young

If you are interested in this little gem, you can order a copy for yourself here. It's going on my wishlist for sure!

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