Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where the Cool Kids Play

Something nice happened over the last few days. My friend Deb Trotter emailed a friend of hers, Debbie Overton and asked her to invite me to join a new online artist's group called Mixed Media Collage Artists. This is a group of experienced artists, not a yahoo group, but a private one. It was just nice to be considered good enough to be invited. I guess it harkens back to schoolyard days of wanting to play with the big kids but being way too shy to approach them. (Yeah, okay anyone who knows me is probably now spurting milk out their nose reading the word shy, but it's true!) It's nice to be noticed and even nicer to be "picked". Maybe I am dense or something, because my dear friend Lisa always tells me I don't know my worth. I think I am just amazed more than anything that someone else validates it. I keep telling her I'm just ME and that's all I am. It's pretty silly.

Anyway, I am looking foreward to getting to know the others in the group and pleased to be a part of it! It was really sweet of Deb T to think of me and very nice of Debbie O to issue the invite. Thanks ladies!

P.S. Isn't the icon cool?!

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