Thursday, November 03, 2005

5 Women Who Inspire Me

Deb has tagged me, so here goes:
*Note: Okay so I am going to "break" the rules. After giving it MUCH thought, I decided to post the names of 5 PEOPLE who inspire me, simply because I realized it really doesn't matter what gender the people who inspire me are.

1. Melissa Etheridge: I have loved her music since before she became so famous. She is a phenomenal talent. She recently underwent treatment after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer. She appeared on this year's Grammys, just two weeks out of her chemo treatments, bald headed and as ballsy and brassy as ever, belting out a Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" as if it had been written for her. She is as beautiful as she is gutsy. What I love best about her is her ability to be real. What you see is what you get. My favourite Melissa Etheridge song is "Tuesday Morning" which brings me to tears each and every time I hear it.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci: a visionary, the Master. How could I not include him on this list? I have always been fascinated with his genius-his art, his inventions, his predictions, his exploration of science. His incredible intelligence leads me to believe we are born with the knowledge of the ages and most of us just forget.

3. If I am talking about someone who inspires me in the mixed media art world, then I would have to say Lynn Whipple is the one. I have this intense love of folk art and that has been my primary style in quilting. I love Lynn's work in mixed media because it's folk art style as well. I love her use of colour and the wonderful materials she uses. Everything about her artwork speaks to me.

4. Tracy Chapman: Tracy is a very old poet soul who happens to sing. I fell in love with her music years ago before anyone really knew who she was. I love that she can get onstage with just an acoustic guitar and sing-her voice is truly an instrument all on its own. Couple that voice with the words she weaves together and you have magic.

5. My friends in NYC who lost their son in the tragedy of 9/11. Their courage and strength of character have taught me alot about the resilience of the human spirit. I am continually struck by their ability to keep their hearts open and to move forward after such a crushing blow. I love them fiercely. They have taught me so much by their own example.

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