Monday, November 07, 2005

Am I stupid because I don't know or smart for failing to care?

I get this Ipsos-Reid poll thing from time to time in my email. It's market research and I sign up for it ages ago. Today's poll was about cookies and one of the questions was about Keebler. It said "Aside from trying to get you to buy this product, what else did the company want you to know about it's cookies?"

Now I don't pay much attention to commercials, so I wracked my brain and then typed "They are made by elves apparently in some big tree." Then I laugh my butt off thinking about what someone would think when they read that. Honestly, that's all I can remember about their cookie commercial and the only reason I know it's elves in a tree is because the advertising has been the same since I was a little kid. I don't eat cookies. I don't pay attention to commercials. That's the god's honest truth. Keebler cookies come from elves in some tree. End of story.

*dies laughing*

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