Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Publication

Yesterday in my email box I got Stampington's Post Script newsletter. Reading it over, I saw this new Somerset Workshop publication they are doing where they have several artist featured in each issue. Apparently they have are several projects in them with step by step instructions so you can do it at home. There are going to be a few different issues like this. It sounds really interesting. I am hoping someone here will carry them so I can check them out.

While I like Somerset Studio to a degree, it really has become quite bogged down with advertising. Here in Canada, a single issue is $14 and I don't pay that kind of money to have 2/3 of it be ads. I have mainly been enjoying Cloth Paper Scissors since its debut last fall. It seems to have a better balance with regard to the ads and I like that it is more technique oriented. It's nice to see people's work, but I also like to learn something.

Anyway, I am willing to have a look at this new publication and see if it's worth collecting.

** Kathy from Atlanta, GA, you emailed me last week and I attempted to reply. Unfortunately, your email is out of whack and rejected my emails. The system tried numerous attempts to deliver and then timed out. I just thought I would let you know here that I tried to reply, but it didn't work.**

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