Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taking Stock

On January 1st, I sat down and wrote out things I want to do artistically for myself, for fun in 2005. It's getting towards the end of the year so I thought I would sit down and look at the list again and see what's what.

Art Goals for 2005 Revisted:

-I want to make at least one shrine. If I like it, I would probably make several. Never did get to this one!!

-I want to try beeswax collage. I have all the stuff, just have not had time to try it yet.
Managed to do this just last week. It was interesting. A little gooey in the end. Not sure if I really liked it or not. At least I tried it.

-I want to do a circle journal project with Celine. I am doing this. I am already thinking what theme I want to do!
Somehow we never did get to this. The timing was off.

-I want to swap art with a few art friends I have not swapped with yet. This really excites me!
Did a teeny bit of this. If I have anything lacking in my art experience, it's swapping with some artists I really admire and/or are friends with. I have no idea why this is. Maybe we are just too busy...

-I want to add to my art book library. I am a picky book buyer, but I do want to get some really good books. I have 2 on order so far.
I did buy some really good books this year. I have more on next year's list too.

-I want to make soldered slide jewellery. Again, I have all the stuff now that I got the correct tip for my soldering iron for Xmas.
Learned how to solder properly at Artfest from Sally Jean. Still haven't gotten around to going into Vancouver to Kona to get the Weller. It's on the to-do list.

-I want to do more collaberative book projects. I have one in progress I am hosting and another I am participating in.
Did 3 this year. I think that's pretty good since I hosted 2 and participated in one.

-I want to attend Artwerx. I plan to do this with my friend Penn. We are going to get a room for the weekend at the hotel where it takes place so we can totally submerse ourselves in art for 3 days. I am really looking foreward to this!
Did it!! It was alot of fun!

That said, it's feeling like time to start formulating 2006's list. Stay tuned!

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