Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cross Border Adventures

Yesterday I went to the Bellingham ATC swap which I do fairly often. One of the ladies brought her mother-in-law Else. This is Else's card. She is the little baby in the picture. What impressed me about Else is that she is NINETY THREE and is making ATCs!! The card opens up and inside there is some poetry she wrote for her mother. I didn't realize that part till I got home and went through the cards I received. Ninety three! WOW! If that doesn't tell you that it's never too late to learn something new, to take a risk, to have something of value to share, I don't know what will. Else is taking risks by daring to create art and then going out to meet people to share it with. Is that not utterly inspiring?!

I have spent the better part of the morning getting parcels ready to mail. Xmas goodies for a friend, swap goodies for another, a Secret Santa parcel for a third. I am going to owe my soul to Canada Post by the time all's said and done! And so the busy holiday season begins! Just to reinforce that fact, it snowed here this morning. Just enough to last for a few minuted before melting. We rarely get snow here on the West Coast and when we do, it usually melts off pretty quickly.

Something that made my friend Sandy and I laugh till we cried yesterday was the border guard we dealt with on our way into the US. When he asked what we were going down for, I told him lunch and shopping. So he says "Do you ladies have your pointy sticks and knee pads?" Of course, I am thinking "Why does every border guard ask me if I have weapons?!" and I begin to think how I am going to formulate my denial that I have anything dangerous in my car. As he goes on, I realize he is making reference to the stampede in the US in a big box store that shall remain nameless and is suggesting we be prepared to defend ourselves if we are going shopping. I start laughing and say "Oh yes, I forgot that shopping was a full contact sport in the US!" I guess even border guards have a sense of humour!

Anyway, I should get back to work! Happy Sunday everyone!

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