Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thoughts for Saturday

So my new favourite place to visit on the web is Sepia Art Studio. Delila, who is another member of MMCA has a beautiful way with colour and she uses buttons which are one of my most favourite things in the whole world! Her heart faerie is to die for!! I find her work really inspiring-the colours, the materials, the composition are just amazing. Delia's art is the kind that I would love to fill my home with. (Now I just need to win a lottery!)

Part of the fun of belonging to a group of artist is that you push each other to grow in your art. I just look at what other people are doing and it inspires me to try new colour combinations, use new materials, explore new subject matter. I keeps me from falling into an art rut. It's kind of the artist's version of "egging each other on".

I am off to Bellingham today for the monthly ATC swap. Looking forward to hanging out with friends and sneaking in some shopping! (Oh and lunch at the wonderful Colophon Cafe!!MMM!)

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