Wednesday, November 16, 2005


So as you may remember me mentioning awhile back, I was invited to join Mixed Media Collage Artists. (MMCA) I wasn't really sure what I would get out of the group, other than I looked forward to meeting some new artists. Well I think I have been there about a month now and I have to say being a part of this talented group has really jumpstarted my creativity. My pal Deb Trotter is there and through her I met MMCA owner, Debbie Overton and the sublime, Deryn Mentock. Another memeber of the group is the multi talented DJ Pettit who will be teaching at ArtFIBERfest in June! Can't wait!

Marina Vazzana joined recently and her artwork is so soft and beautiful and I just love it. Enough so that I actually finally bit the bullet and got an Ebay membership, just so I could bid on some of her pieces. Unfortunately, yesterday a last minute bidding frenzy meant I missed out on a piece I would have loved to own. *pouts* I hope at some point I can be savvy enough to figure out how to actually "win" one of her works.

Being a part of this prolific group of women has really inspired me in my own art. I find I am spending more time creating and exploring techniques. I have managed to come up with some new ideas. I feel more productive than I have since the great house disaster that happened over this summer. It's good to feel energised again! I am also involved in some new mail art projects and very much looking forward to a parcel from my Secret Santa in December. I love getting goodies in the mail!

Anyway, there's alot to be said for joining groups and getting connected with a community of artists. It's good to share thoughts and ideas about something you love and to support one another. And just about anything is always more fun if you have friends to share it with!

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