Friday, November 18, 2005

The Art of Timing

Today started out on a very stressful note. My car wouldn't start last night so first thing this morning, I had to call a tow truck to haul it to the repair shop. While I am outside with the tow truck driver, the mail lady comes along and gives me our mail. In the stack is a small manilla envie for me. I tucked it all into my purse and took off with the tow trick guy to take my car in.

While I was waiting for the fix it guy to tell me what was wrong with my car, I started to really stress out. Car stuff make me just sick. I was standing there trying to calm down so I decided to distract myself by opening my mail. I opened the manilla envelope and it was an early Xmas gift from Karenann Young. Karenann is so sweet. Somehow her gifts always find me at just the perfect moment. Anyway, it was this gorgeous charm bracelet!! I was sitting in the repair shop trying desperately not to cry. It was just so unexpected and lovely. There is a Buddha that is a silver box. It opens up. There is a ceramic day of the dead skelly head. There are hands, a key, goddesses, a lock, a clock, a turtle, a bell, a vintage photo in a frame, all kinds of fun doodads.

Anyway, that miracle was perfectly timed. I ended up dropping $500 on my car today and that, coupled with the disaster that was yesterday made for alot of stress. Karenann's gift cheered me up immensely. Thank you dear friend. You are a real blessing. xo

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