Monday, November 21, 2005

Workaday Monday

For the last little while I have been plugging away at the "Thinking Outside the Box" collaborative book I am hosting. This project is unique in that each artist worked with photos they took at cemeteries all over the place. There are a variety of images from Europe, the United States and Canada. It's been a very interesting project, with it's own set of challenges, the least of which is it's actual size. I think by the time I have it bound, it's going to be about 3 inches thick. It measures approx. 8x6 I think. I can't wait for it to be finished and to hear the reaction of all the participants when they receive their books.

Yesterday was the Vancouver ATC swap. There was a good turn out and some ladies came to visit us from the island, which was nice. It's always good to have some new faces join us. This coming Saturday is the Bellingham swap, which I am going down for. I am going to do a little Xmas shopping if I can fit it in-mainly stocking stuffers. The Rite Aid near the coffee shop where the swap is always has really interesting stuff.

After our swap yesterday, Sandy, Penn and I went down to Loomis to poke around. I treated myself to a Speedball Lino cutter set so I can carve my own stamps, a red smudgy pencil and a set of number stamps that match a small alpha set I bought some time ago. It doesn't take much to make me happy! Also Sandy gave me an old issue of Somerset Studio with an article featuring Keith Lo Bue. I have signed up to take a 2 day class with him at Artfest and now I am stressing about finding the kinds of stuff he has on the supply list for the class. Here is a partial list:

glass scraps
sheet metal stock
tin cans
medicine tins
eating utensils
electronics / machine parts
broken cameras
small scraps of wood
small readymade found boxes
books to use for collaging (bring a few really old ones: pre-1910 - if you've got them, as I'll demonstrate some great things to do with them)letters
record albums
eyeglasses or magnifying glasses
medical tools
dental tools
interesting old pencils or pens
artifacts: religious or secular

*BOGGLES!* WOW! That's alot of stuff. I am just worried too that I might run out or not have the right stuff. I have to get collecting soon!!

Anyway, I need to get back to the cemetary book! Catcha later!

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