Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Busy, Busy!

I was up early this morning (as I tend to be every morning!) and got working on a pendant I promised my friend Janice at Papier Valise. Awhile back I made myself a shadowbox style pendant using a vintage ashtray drawer, an egg, some wings and a vintage photo. Mine is called "Nest Egg" and I knew Janice would like it becuase we both like speckled eggs. Anyway, this is the one I made for her called "Fly Away Home". Not the greatest photo, but you get the gist!

Now I am on to my design work for Papier Valise. Lots of neat things in this months' design kit and the ideas are churning in my brain. Ilove the challenge of getting a surprise box of goodies and getting to play with them! It's been busy the last couple of weeks with so many projects all needing attention at once. I just get one thing finished and I am right onto the next. Crazy, but I love it!

MMCA is having a Secret Santa swap and I am in on that. I am working diligently to get my parcel together so I can mail it out by the weekend. I need to hurry because of customs. I don't want it to be late and my partner to think they have been forgotten! It's almost done. I am going to Bellingham on Saturday so I will pick up a few more little things there and then wrap it all up and off it goes! It's fun to get things like that in the mail. Beats the heck out of bills!

Wishing all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the warmth of family and may your hearts be filled to the brim with thankfulness for all the blessings both large and small in your lives. For those of you who are travelling, I wish you a safe journey. Have a great holiday!

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