Saturday, December 31, 2005

Art Goals for 2006

It's my New Year's tradition to make a list of art goals I want to achieve in the coming year. Then I "check in" with them in June to see where I am in reaching those goals and to refocuss for the remaining 6 months of the year. In early December, I then do a year in review so I can see what I managed to get done and then plan my list for the new year again.

It doesn't matter if I don't get everything on my list done. The whole point is to use it as a tool to move myself foreward as an artist. Writing things down and putting it out there into the Universe has power. I know-I have experienced it! It's also a way to make a commitment to myself that I am actively participating in my life and not just moving passively through it. I do not want to sleep walk through my life.

Okay, here are my art goals for the New Year:

-Do more artwork for book publication. (I did this last year and it was so incredibly satisfying. I would love to somehow have the opportunity to be a contributing artist for a mixed media publication again.)

-Continue working with Paper Artsy and Papier Valise doing design work. (I love working with both these companies!)

-Attend Artfest and Artfiberfest and learn some new skills.

-Created some new jewellery using the skills I learned and maybe sell some. (Selling my work is waaaay scary for me!)

-Buy myself a Rubicoil binder.

-Expand my teaching base.

-Write some more new classes.

-Maybe do an redesign on my website.

-Take a class with Lynn Perella. (This would make me HUGELY happy!)

So I am asking for and working towards these things or something better. (Why limit myself?! LOL!)

What will you choose for yourself in the new year?

Happy New Year Everyone! May it be filled with creative energy and unexpected blessings!

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