Saturday, December 10, 2005

Because I Love to Share a Good Thing!

A new friend of mine, Debb Galcik (I now have FIVE friends named Deb- collect the whole set!) has a new website up and running. I wanted to let everyone know because I think her art is AMAZING! What does she do? She creates the most beautiful etched copper which she then crafts into covers for journals, booklaces and other wonderful things. You have to see them to really appreciate how gorgous they are. My personal favourites of her work are the pieces that are medical themed. I haven't seen anyone doing this before and it's brilliant. I have always had a thing for medicine and I hope to own one of these pieces soon!

If you are looking for something really cool and unique, go have a peek at The Forgotten Toybox. She is even offering free shipping on orders placed by December 31st! Happy shopping!

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