Thursday, December 08, 2005


A friend of mine has been getting alot of flack from people about being an artist. It really bothers me that people do this to her. She is hugely talented and I just had to say something about it. After I did, I thought I would share what I said because it occurs to me that so many of us who make our life and living through art are often faced with others telling us what we do is a waste of time, that it's not "real work" and just generally seek to crush our spirits.
Here's what I offered her:

"As a friend pointed out to me, people have a hard time wrapping their brain around non-traditional forms of employment. All I can say is, just keep right on doing what you are doing-your art is beautiful and amazing and the world would definitely be missing out on something if you stopped. The world needs more people like you-kind, sensitive spirits bursting with creativity. So just ignore the people who seek to dimish your joy and enthusiasm. My bet is that they are jealous that you are following your bliss. They are trapped in their limited beliefs about what is possible and what brings value to the world.

I will stand for you. I believe in you and I value your talent. You are special and worthy and you can only be true to what you are called to do and be. BIG HUGS of support!! There is power and strength in being who you really are. Sometimes it roars and sometimes it whispers."

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