Friday, February 10, 2006

At Long Last

Friday!! The Olympics are here! The Olympics are here!! WOOHOO!!! And to mark this wonderful occasion, I am making an authentic Italian dinner tonight!! In addition to all the goodies we bought last weekend for our Opening Ceremonies dinner, I managed to get some gelato nearby two days ago-chocolate hazelnut-MMM!! The only thing I didn't manage to find was the Italian sodas for some reason, but we can do without. No biggie.

The opening ceremonies are running starting at 1 p.m. today in real time, but I promised I would be good and not watch them till they repete at 7 p.m. so we can watch as a family. We are even timing dinner so we can eat and watch at the same time. I am so excited!!

If you want to visit the official Torino Olympic site, click here.

For Olympic themed screen savers click here.

You will find Olympic wallpaper here.

Waching a sport but just don't get it? Click here to get an animated crash course in the finer points of a particular discipline.

And of course, the site I rely on for all my Olympic information, the good old CBC can be found here!

Let the games begin!!

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abbymaya said...

I'm really excited about the Olympics also. My husband and I are addicted and stick close to the tv until the end. We've also been planning several Italian themed nights so your blog mentioning it made me feel slightly less nuts about my plan!

Congrats on being the featured artist in the zine, that's really fantastic news.