Sunday, February 12, 2006


The other day I came home to a big box on my front doorstep. It was from my pal Deb. A box from Deb is always a good thing! She sent me all kinds of fun goodies to art with and this adorable primitive folk art angel by Dan Di Paolo. The funny thing is that years ago I clipped an article about Dan's work because I loved his stuff. His work in wood is very similar to my style of work in textiles, which was why I was drawn to it. Deb had no idea, but as usual, she flawlessly had me pegged. One brain Deb, one brain!!

Thank you dear friend for spoiling me and totally making my day. xo


Gina said...

Wow, what are the odds! The stuff looks like a lot of fun.

melanie said...

wow, what a fun package... isn't it great getting surprises in the mail?

Alexandra G said...

Seeing these photos brought back such warm memories. My best friend, Laini , and I lived in separate places for many years and used to send each other long letters and packages. They SAVED My very spirit at times, esp when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria and felt so homesick. I'm so glad to have discovered your site tonight!