Friday, October 13, 2006

Just Simply Charming!

So this is the charm I made for a charm swap with 24 other friends. I wanted to do something that reflects what I love and this is what I came up with. Among my favourite things are sewing related ephemera and notions. I made my charm from a vintage articulated ruler I had. A friend's husband helped me by cutting it into 1 inch increments. (No mean feat-it was tricky finding the right tool for the job-electric saws were overkill and just cracked and split the wood. It ended up that a dremel with a round disc bit did the trick.)

Anyway, I know lots of people are planning on making charms for Artfest 2007 as their swaps and I am sure having a peek at all the wonderful charms everyone from this swap made will be great inspiration. If you want to go check them out, I have added a button to the sidebar on the right for Just Simply Charming, the blog that has been created to showcase our work. Some of us chose to have our charms made into bracelets created by the very talented Ruth Rae. (Who hosted.) Some of us (myself included) have decided to either make our own bracelets or do something else with them. I am going to have mine strung on a special necklace I made. Once I get it finished, I will post pics, promise!


Crystal said...

Oh I'm so happy to be getting one of these charming charms! I love it!

christine said...

Looove your charm!!! What a clever idea :)