Thursday, October 12, 2006

This N' That

So the good news this week is that my laptop is capable of running my Photoshop program. My regular computer was not-I need more rams or memory or something and I am just not in the mood to go fooling around with that right now. So, Lappy it is! This is a little collage I made, just fooling around. I was playing some more yesterday and I would like to make some of these into postcards when I have time. It would be so nice to be able to mail out something I made on a whim whenever I wanted to.

I have been pretty unproductive this week, what with the Thanksgiving holiday, followed by a wickedly long day on Tuesday. I was up at 4:45 a.m. to drive my son to swim practice and then he called me about an hour later to tell me the swim meet he was told was on Wednesday was actually Tuesday. That meant running back to the highschool to get him at 2:15 p.m. and taking him down to the main pool for the meet which ran till 7 p.m. He swam in 4 races, numbers 6. 10, 19 and 40, which meant alot of sitting around and waiting in the noise and chaos of about 400 kids and parents. Not my idea of fun!

After the meet, the three of us went out for dinner. It was pretty funny because we were all starving and exhausted and none of us could wait to get home and go to bed. Aren't we an exciting bunch? Yesterday was recovery day for me and then again this morning, up at o'dark thirty to drive my son back to the pool! Good thing swim season only runs till the end of November. Then it's rugby, which means trips to the ER instead of the pool! LOL!

Anyway, I am hoping to have some art time tomorrow. It's always a balancing act to get everything done that I need to get done in a day. Sometimes I manage, sometimes not. Time management is always an issue with artists-finding time to make art, finding time for yourself, trying to balance art with family, balancing personal art with work art and then the big one: not taking on too many projects! There's an art to just managing all that!


Sue Berry said...

What beautiful words Lelainia - I love that you've used the freebie! Sue xxx

liz said...

oh these words spoke to me today!!! juggling--it's all i seem to do at the moment and it is SO stressing me out!! thanks for reminding me i can only do what i can do--and that that IS good enough!
love ya!
liz xx