Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not So Handy

This is the last piece of art I was able to create before my right hand developed a condition called gout this week. Let me just tell you it's really painful. Imagine how little you can do when it's totally disabling your thumb and index finger. My finger joints are really inflamed. Luckily, I was able to get right in to see my doc and I am now on hardcore anti-inflammatories. (Though the list of side effects gives me the heebie jeebies!)

The good thing is that I am one of those people who happens to be ambidextrous so I can manage for now, but it's annoying just the same. I am typing this one handed, for example, which takes forever. *sigh* Hopefully this too shall pass. I am hoping it's markedly better by tomorrow-I am teaching two middle school classes tomorrow and I need my hands!


Laura said...

Well! That is a pip of a situation! I am sorry to hear that....I am sending healing thoughts your way!! Speedy recovery! Love this piece of art by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hope your hand heals quickly!! <3

Susan Tuttle said...

This is a beautiful piece! I am sorry to hear about your hand--hope it heals quickly--I do understand--I am a flutist and developed acute tendonitis in music school a little over 15 years ago--I still have to be careful.

Take Care,

Joan said...

So sorry to hear about your hand! How frustrating! I'm fighting arthritis myself--as they say, getting older "ain't for sissies"! Take care and rest your hand when you can.

Still Waters Studio said...

Hi, I just linked to your site from the charm exchange website. You do beautiful work. Sorry to hear about your hand. I would be lost if I couldn't create. I'm sure that you've had opinions about what to do about your hand. My father-in-law has gout and I know that sometimes it is related to too much protien. Also I know that cherry juice is supposed to be really good for correcting it. Get the concentrate kind at a health food store. I hope healing comes soon. Blessings,

One Crabapple said...

OH I am sorry to hear this.

That is a crazy thing to have pop up on you ! Gout in the arm ???

Please ! I hope you get better soon.

Love, S.

Deb said...

Oh you poor baby!! It must be so painful :-( Rest it well... don't get too frustrated! Big hugs XOXO