Monday, December 18, 2006

Faster than a Speeding Snail...

Just to clarify for everyone participating in the Breast Friends Collaborative, when I have received your contribution, I will email you. In case you are worried though, here are the people I have received from as of this morning:

Amy Huff
Angie Platten
Claudia Roulier
Danielle Muller
Heather Simpson Bluhm
Joan Craft
Joan Ellis
Judy Keefe
Judy Scott
Kelly Snelling
Kristen Robinson
Lia Kent
Liz Smith
Peggi Mayer Graminski
Penelope Harris
Shari Beaubien
Tina Shoaga

If you have mailed out and it has not arrived yet, please do not panic! There are a number of reasons who it might take longer than you think to get here:

-Canada does not have mail delivery on Saturdays, only Monday-Friday.

-High volume of mail due to Xmas, means slower movement of mail.

-Customs, which always gets stepped up at this time of year.

-We had a HUGE wind storm here on the West Coast on Friday and so there was alot of damage resulting in power outtages. This is likely going to mean some added delay for local mail delivery as everyone recovers.

So relax, make a cuppa hot chocolate and put your feet up. It will get here all in good time! And thank you for taking time out to participate-all the contributions so far have been amazing!

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