Saturday, December 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth-we had a big wind storm here late Thursday night. At about 3 a.m. on Friday morning, we lost power. Later in the day, I discovered it was because a block from my house, there was a huge tree that had fallen across 4 lanes of a major throughfare and taken out a powerline. The city blocked off the street and it took them 7 hours to get it all cut up and hauled away. It meant our home was cold and dark for 16 hours. We ended up having to go out in search of a place that had power to have dinner and to get warm. By the time we got home around 7:30 p.m., the power was back on and the heat had kicked in. I was so relieved! The roads were a mess yesterday too-driving most traffic lights were out in my neighbourhood and apparently, people cannot count to FOUR!

I am just glad we didn't have any damage to our home and we were all safe and sound, if just a bit cold and hungry. (Which really, is a timely reminder to be mindful of those that have no roof over their head and no food in their bellies. I have seen several homeless people camped out in doorwells in the crazy weather we have been having. PLEASE GIVE if you can to the charities in your own community that ensure that these people are not forgotten. Give money, give food, give warm clothes-do what you can with what you have. Every little bit helps!)

On a happy note, when I came home, there was a big box waiting on my doorstep from a certain someone I adore in Cody! We were able to connect by phone last night so Deb could hear me opening my gifts. This GORGEOUS handmade hooked rug was one of my gifts. It's just beautiful. Deb knows I have a fondness for textiles and especially folk art. The shaker house is just precious and one of my favourite images. The colours are delicious and it's such a beautiful piece. I am going to hang it in the livingroom. (If I can stop petting it!) I am *so* spoiled! THANK YOU Deb, I loved everything and most of all, you know I love you to bits! xox I took a class at ArtFIBREfest in June with the very talented Mary Stanley to learn how to do this traditional art form and so my appreciate for the work that goes into it has grown. I still need to finish my piece from her class, but with my hand so bad right now, I can't!

The 12 Days of Xmas blog has been updated, so go take a peek at days 3 & 4! We are having so much fun!

If you haven't hear it, I recommend Bruce Cockburn's Christmas. I love his music and he's Canadian. The CD is very relaxing and the sound is different from the same old, same old!

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art spirit said...

Love your new rug! What a very cool gift!
And I love Bruce Cockburn! I've gotten to go to several of his concerts when he is in our area..(not very often)...did not know he had a Christmas CD and will have to get it..soon! Thanks and hope you are keeping warm! All my best to you...mary