Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cool Link du Jour

Isn't this idyllic? Imagine someone floating a boat, in a puddle, in the middle of the street. It's like a small piece of magic. What if I told you this was not real? It's a wonderous piece of sidewalk chalk art by English artist Julian Beever. A friend of mine shared his work with me this morning and I thought I would pass it on. You really must check him out! I have never seen anything like this. His ability to create 3D images is astounding! You can see more of Julian's work here.

I have always been enchanted by sidewalk chalk art. My main exposure to this medium has been though trendy menu boards in local restaurants. I love the images and lettering I have seen and am amazed that how the colours are blended to create light and shadow effects. Bellingham, Washington, which is about an hour and a half south of me, has a sidewalk chalk art festival every August. I might have to head across the line and see it this year!

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