Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Humming With Excitement!

ONE MORE SLEEP!! Yes for those of you following along (and probably sick of hearing about it *grin*) tomorrow is ARTFEST!! YAY!! As you can see, I am madly packing. These are the boxes with stuff for each of the classes I am taking. I found it is easiest to have a box with everything I need in it so I can just plunk it in my rolling backpack the night before and away I go! It really helps because I tend to stay up late (1:30 a.m.) and then get up super early like I normally do at home. (5:30 a.m.) That doesn't leave much time for sleeping and so, the more organized I can be, the less I actually have to remember things! (There is a method to my madness.) As for packing useful stuff like say clothing, I am tackling that today.

This is my 8x8 collage for the gallery at Artfest. The colours just don't translate on the scanner, so you don't really get the proper effect. This looks so dull and it really is more vibrant than it appears here. Anyway, it's called Ode to Eight: Crazy 8's and I am going to take a risk and put a price tag on it. If it sells, great, if not, I am not really invested in it selling anyway, so who cares? It was hard to work on such a big piece and I know for sure my strength lies in working small. But I guess you have to try new things once in awhile to stretch and grow!

So, I had better run. I want to be sure to have everything packed by the end of the day. Have a great rest of the week and catch you all on the flip side! I will take lots of pictures!



Sweet Petunia said...

You are soo organized. I am having a small moment of insanity. I am starting to pack my supplies right now and hope I manage to remember clothes. I hope we run into each other there...


JoAnnA said...

This is wonderful Lelainia!!! I can see why it sold...just great! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Oh, I dream one day I too can experience this place..maybe next year.