Saturday, March 24, 2007

Catching Up

After days of rain and fog and well...just plain ICK, there is the most beautiful sunset happening outside my window. The sky is this soft pink. I haven't seen anything but a flat grey sky for about the last week, so this is a welcome change. Tomorrow is supposed to be rain free, which sounds good to me! I want to vacuume out my car so it's all neat and tidy for my trip.
I managed to finish my 8x8 canvas, finally on Friday morning. It was tough working so large, but I got it done. (I ended up just working on the 8x8 canvas instead of breaking it into 4 4x4's.) This will be the first time I hang something at AF and I am kinda nervous about it.
I am slowly chipping away at the packing, popping things into boxes stacked on my kitchen table as I think of them. All I can say is THANK GOD I am driving and do not have the limitations of flying! Only FOUR more sleeps! I am giddy with excitement, anxious to see old friends and catch up and perhaps make a few new friends. It's impossible not to have a good time!
Thank you to everyone who emailed with birthday wishes. It's always lovely to be appreciated!
It's been crazy busy here at casa del chaos the last few days. I have had company twice for dinner and I am looking forward to doing not much of anything tomorrow, if I can help it. I did manage to find some time today to do some updates on my website, so if you go look, be sure and hit "refresh" so you have the most current pages. Happy browsing!

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