Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's My Party!

35 years ago today I celebrated my very first birthday! I thought I would share these silly pictures with you. I find it comical that they let me bite the cake like that. And that cake-look at that pink icing! I will never again eat a pink cake. (I am allergic to red food dye now.) The picture of me in the walker makes me wonder if I am holding a knife...let's hope not!

Anyway, tonight, conceivably, I could have 36 candles on my cake, but anything more than a couple constitutes a fire hazard in my opinion! Since my bithday has fallen in the middle of the week, we are having a BBQ at home and a couple of friends over, which is perfectly fine with me! We will spend the evening playing Cranium. The last time we played, we all laughed so long and so hard our faces hurt. I wish you could hear my husband as he atonally hums music for his teammates to guess the name of. That alone was hysterical.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bithday twin Tracy Roos! Have a wonderful day girlfriend!

As for artwork today, I will likely spend the day attempting to work on my 8x8 canvass for Artfest. Wish me luck!


Joan Ellis said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

Paulette said...

Happy birthday girlie! Hope have a wonderful day! (((hugs))) See you soon!

Lauri said...

Happy Birthday!

These pictures are so adorable! I love the huge pink cake and you biting into it. But the 'knife' picture has to be the best! lol! I'm always amazed at what I did as a kid that I would NEVER let my kids do today! Not that my parent's were negletful or anything!

One day when my son was almost 3, without my or my husband's knowledge, he grabbed a pair of scissors, got on his bike and took off...but, he did put his helmet on first! rofl!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a terrific day!!!!!


.Jenn. said...

I hope your birthday bbq was super terrific! What great pictures from your first birthday. Biting into the cake like that is priceless!

See you real soon,

Shari Beaubien said...

OMG, I just read your blog! Happy birthday, sweet friend! I hope it was a fantastic day for you!! (36 is a good place to be, too *wink, wink*) Hugs, Shari

MB Shaw said...

Happy birthday a day late! Hope you got a bite a cake yesterday, lol. What a terrific picture. Hugs, Mary Beth