Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Magical Day

Ah a cup of mocha java! That was me trying to warm my hands yesterday while on a photo shoot in Stanley Park with my son. (The kids here are on spring break and this is something we like to do together.) While it was sunny yesterday, the wind was fierce and cold and it necessitated brief stints indoors several times to warm up.

I wanted to take some shots of the spectacular trees in the park with the sepia setting on. I think it's so interesting when you even the colour out and get to see the play of light and shadow instead.

This is another setting I like to play with called "solarize". It makes the images look kind of cartoonish or water coloured, don't you think?

As you may or may not know, my beloved park suffered major damage in a series of storms that battered the west coast over the winter. (I wrote about that here.) Yesterday was the first time I could bring myself to go and see what the damage was. Prospect Point was one of the hardest hit sections of the park and this is where these photos were taken. The area directly across from the cafe looks like a clearcut-there are just heaps of shattered trees everywhere. From that point on down, you see giant trees that have literally been ripped from the ground. Their roots are perpendicular to the road. I can only imagine how violent the wind must have been to have torn these old and massive root systems up like that. It's going to take months for the park staff to clean it all up. I am glad I have photos of the park to remember it how it was. I plan to use them in my class with LK Ludwig next week. I helped my son upload some of his pics to his photo blog. You can see them here.

We ended our day with a free lunch at Grandville Island. And why was it free? Well you see there is this funny little magic thing that happens to me all the time wherein the universe hands me money. No really! The market was humming with people and there was this $20 bill lying on the floor across the way from where I was standing. I marched right over and picked it up. My son says "Mum, why does stuff like that always happen to you?" Well, if you are present in the moment all the time, you see things most people don't. That's my only way of explaining it. It always floors him when money just appears. He's been with me the last two times, too. In the bakery, it was $10 and it was $20 in Safeway. Once it was $100 in 20's in the bushes. Just before Xmas, it was $200 in an sealed envelope that neither my husband nor I can account for. I found it in our home and the envelope was from a bank neither of us does business with, ever. Strange, but true!

Happy first day of spring everyone! Tomorrow I shall celebrate another trip around the sun with 36 candles on my cake. Someone better bring a fire extinguisher!

*7 more sleeps till ARTFEST!!

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