Monday, March 19, 2007

Sneak a Peek!

WHEW! What a busy weekend! It was pouring all day Saturday so I did two things. One was that I designed the cover for the house collaborative I am hosting for my housemates. I really love how the colour copy came out. Now I am just finishing up the back of one of my pages so that I can put my book together and see the end result. Everyone sent me one of each of their two pages so I could fit the cover properly. They are bringing the rest of their pages with them to Artfest and we will put their books together in the evening. It will be a lovely momento of our trip.

The other thing I did was I cleaned up the art heap on my kitchen table. There really was a table under all the "stuff"! I put things away and purged a whole lot. I had to laugh-some of the "stuff" went to my friend Penn and she said "Oh you really meant it when you cleaned up!" YES MA'AM! I have a box that is headed for the Art Asylum too. It feels good to pass on the stuff I am finished with. I am really good at purging the excess stuff from my life and I actually enjoy doing it.

It's raining again today so this morning I put a pot of beans on to bake. They are ready and smell so good. My son is on spring break and home today so he's baking two loaves of chocolate chip banana bread. It's going to be a yummy dinner tonight. I love to cook, he loves to bake so together we make a good pair!

Well, only 9 days till Artfest and only 1 more day of winter left. YAY!!


Heather said...

Man, this is so cool. I wish I was in your house!! Oh well, I am just happy to be going!!

diane said...

that is wonderful!

liz said...

the book cover is SO cool!! can we do one next year--pretty please!! hope you are good sweetie!!
liz xx

lindaharre said...

How cute is this......what a neat idea!