Friday, March 16, 2007

Bits & Pieces

Isn't this adorable? It's an ATC given to me by one of my students in my ATC class. She's 6. I love it! Yesterday was the last class in a 5 part series on ATCs. The kids each created a binder for their cards and we loaded all the cards they have made over the course of the classes into their binders. At the end of the class, they traded. They had a blast and we ended up running over. I was packing up all the art supplies and they were still swapping!

Some of the parents came in and ask if I would be teaching again after Spring break and I told them it depended on if I was invited back by the woman who contracted me for the program. When I got downstairs to the office, she did in fact ask me! So now I have till April to think about what I would like to teach next. I swear, I have the best job in the world-I get to make art every day and I get to inspire other people to find their own creative voice. How cool is that?!?

In other news, yesterday I also managed to complete the art for the cover of the house collaborative I am doing with my housemates at Artfest. It's off for colour copying now. I still have the back of one of my pages to complete. It's about ME and I am having a heck of a time coming up with what I want to share about myself on it. *sigh* You would think it would be easy to talk about yourself, but no.

My pal Deb sent me this in a box of goodies this week. It's a metal heart in hand that has a box attached behind it. I was so pleased when I saw it. This is an old Shaker symbol that is a reminder of their philosophy of "Hands to work, hearts to God." It's also used by the Masons to represent charity. I adore folk art, the simple, humble lines of it (the wonkier, the better!) and Deb keeps finding me these heart in hand pieces. The last one she sent was a card holder that I have in my window sill above my desk holding up a collage I made. The quote I associate with this symbol is: "Whatsoever the hand finds to do, the heart shall go forth in unison." It's a good reminder that the work you do in this life should feed your soul in some way. I have put all the Moo cards friends have sent me in the box. It's also sitting on the sill. Thank you Deb!! xo


Barbara said...

I love the little girl's ATC! and that she's been making them at home! Kids are great!

Lauri said...

You are so living my dream job! That is exactly what I want to do...basically show children how they can express themselves/emotions/ and whatnot, and even teach some simple sewing classes for older children and teens. My youngest is off to Kindergarten this year, so I'll be working on refining my skills and such, and maybe within a few years I can be doing what I want to do!