Thursday, April 05, 2007

Artfest Part 4

Today we finish up in the gallery. Here's folks enjoying the 8x8 display. I myself went in several times to look at them-there were just so many and every time I saw something new.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite 8x8's. I say a few because the art in the gallery really was phenomenal. This one was fabric and paper married and I love that it's a monochromatic piece. It's delicious!

Unfortunately, this one was hung pretty high up so I couldn't get a better picture than I have here. It was impossible get the camera up high enough to angle the lens to cut the glare and I couldn't get in front of it in such a way as to block the light either. Hopefully though, you get the gist-it's a beautiful nest in a niche. Lovely!

This one had a sold sticker on it from the get-go. It's cool and clever and I really liked the way they used the shears as a frame. Brilliant!

I liked the softness of this one with all the scroll work and just using two colours. Simple but very effective. I just learn so much from looking at other people's art.

More fabric and buttons-my favourite things! I liked the textures of this piece. Very nice!

Last but not least, there was a table covered in Teesha and Tracy's journal which they so generously share with us at Artfest events. Apologies for a few blurry pictures. I was having trouble with my camera at that point and didn't realize they had come out blurry till I got home. I am posting them anyway so you can see the amazing work in their journals.

I have not even put a dent in the photos I took. I will be back tomorrow with more!!


Jonna Barnett said...

Hi exciting for you that your 8x8 sold. What a thrill. Thanks for posting all the photos. I got hardly any photos at all. I just get to involved and forget to get my camera out. All ready looking forward to next year.

katie said...

it was so nice to finally meet you lelainia. it sounds like you had a great time too!