Friday, April 06, 2007

Artfest Part 5

Thursday night there was a Journal Party down at the beach house. This is where you take your journal and hang out and meet people. Often people will offer to work in your journal if you work in theirs and once again, we were lucky enough to have a journal from the 1000 Journals Project there so people could contribute to the project. There was a bonfire on the beach for roasting hotdogs and marshmallow (to make s'mores) but we had just come from dinner, so I wasn't hungry. Too bad because I remembered how good last year's hotdog tasted. (And I do not eat hotdogs!) They had music playing inside and all the tables had little candles on them. The ambience was just wonderful.

My pals Penn and Tina came down with me. They wanted to sit outside but as you can see, Penn's hands were cold so she was pulling them up into her sleeves to keep warm. I think Tina was smart to have a scarf on. I was freezing so I had to go stand by the fire.

The beach house is down on this stretch of beach, though you can't see it because of the hill. (This was shot from in front of our Officer's house. We were right next to the beach.) I keep meaning to drive out and check out the lighthouse, but I didn't get a chance. Next year I will make sure I do.

This is the gorgeous view from the beach house window. While I was sitting talking with Diana Trout, I happened to notice how pretty it was and snapped this pic.

And here is Teesha, queen of Artfest and &rew hanging out. This is one of the rare moments when Teesha was actually sitting still. I don't know where she gets all her energy from. She's so busy making sure everything runs smoothly, meeting and greeting people, making sure the instructors have everything they's exhausting just thinking about it! Her support staff, made up of family and friends are just fantastic-everyone is so helpful and friendly and will do everything they can to make sure each participant's experience is a good one. I can tell you first hand how important that is and how deeply I appreciate it.

I didn't get to stay at the party for too long this year. I was worn out from LK's class and just wanted to get back to our house and put my pj's on and relax, which I did. I ended up crashing fairly early. I must be gettin' old!


Deb said...

Good for you, Ms. tuna! I'm so glad you had fun (even if you didn't eat a hot dog, you red dyed-allergic one). Congrats on selling your 8X8 - yours was so cool, and what a clever "take" on 8X8! I've enjoyed seeing Penn's photo - now I have a name to go with the genius.

Maija said...

What a wonderful adventure it was...I'm only sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you!

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

Laura said...

Thank you for your great Artfest coverage!!! I am living vicariously through your blog entries and so appreciate all the stories and information!!!! I am so happy that you had such a great time!