Saturday, April 14, 2007

Artfest Part7

Okay, at long last I have a few pictures from Show & Tell on the last day of Artfest. I took lots of photos, but I just picked a few to share or I would be here all day uploading. Here are folks wandering around looking at everything. There were two giant rooms FULL of art. It's a great way to see what comes out of the classes and to help you see what you might like to learn next year.

I wish I had been able to take this class. My love for buttons borders on obsession and it would have been so much fun to make one of these!

The work that came out of Anahata's classes was jaw dropping. She and Misty are some teachers-everything I saw from their classes was so beautiful and unique. I would love to take a class with either of them next year, since I am not painterly per se. The colours in these pieces are fantastic and I wonder what type of paint they used?

Penn's "I See London, I See France" dos a dos book. I love the acrylic cover-very clever!

I don't know which class this was, but the books that came out of it were really cool and interesting. Gotta love little books!

This is one of the ladies that won one of the raffle prizes. Let me tell you, that bag was chock full of goodies! I hope she didn't have to take it on an airplane-it probably weighed a ton!

This was the most beautiful sunset, taken just as the Show & Tell was ending. I had to capture it, if only for the way the trees were silhouetted against the sky.

The only photos left now are ones I have not taken yet. I have my workshop projects to complete and photograph, but I have not had time to get to that. I am busy working towards to publication deadlines for two different projects, both due by the end of the month! Anyway, eventually the last bits from Artfest will show up here.

It's hard to believe all if this is crammed into a few short days! It's a whirl wind and frenetic and crazy, but I really do love the experience and can't wait till next year!

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