Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Award

So I know I said the other day that I would post pics from Arfest Show & Tell, but when I tried to do it yesterday, Blogger was in a mood and would not cooperate. My head is in a different place this morning, so the last batch of photos will have to wait.

This morning, in reading through my blog roll (I start my day with tea and visit all the blogs I enjoy, gently working myself into the day) I came across this post from Deb Trotter which caught me totally by surprise. I can't tell you how perfectly timed her kinds words were. It got me to thinking about this "Box of Inspiration" that I made in Kristin Steiner's workshop at Artfest. I kept trying to figure out what I wanted to put in it and I think I have finally figured it out. Every time someone says something kind about me (or my work), I am going to write it on a slip of paper and tuck it into that box. Then on days when I need some encouragement (we all have those, don't we?) I am going to open the box, pull out those slips of paper and read them! It's so easy for the bad things people say to get engraved on our hearts, but the good stuff often just slips away unnoticed. Well, no more. I am writing those gifts of spirit down and savouring them when I need them most. I challenge you to do the same and see if it doesn't change the way you see and feel about yourself. I think it will also remind you who really "sees" you and loves and supports you.

As per the rules of the Thinking Blogger Award and in the spirit of "paying it forward", here are my five picks:

1. Heaven and Earth-Hanne Mathiesen's work is so utterly inspiring. Every time I see her pieces, I wish I could somehow magically transport myself to her studio and spend the afternoon learning from her. She totally embraces old world charm in her work and each post is a delicious glimpse into her serene world.

2. Artist Unleashed-What I love about Shari Beaubien is the way she writes. She is refreshingly honest and willing to share with her readers the trials and tribulations of what it's like being an artist building her career. Her sincerity and earnestness shine through and it's so encouraging to read about somebody else out there striving to live their dream.

3. Ornamental-Nina Bagley is in a word "lovely". Nina is an old spirit with the soul of a poet. I greatly admire the way she weaves her words together. I learn so much from reading her blog and it's so easy to recognize her greatness as a human being. She is kind and thoughtful warm and funny as hell, not to mention her art is amazing.

4. Jane Wynn's Studio-Jane Wynn's art is unique and quirky. I love how she is not afraid to express her own style in her art. She takes the ordinary fodder of every day life and turns it into something amazingly beautiful and rare. She is what I consider to be a true artisan.

5. Be Present, Be Here-Liz Elayne's blog is like a gentle whisper to your soul. Her blog is brand new to me, but I love it. Liz is a kindred spirit I didn't even know was out there until Artfest-she loves buttons and fabrics and poetry and I just feel so at home reading her thoughts. Her blog is very happy-making for me.

And so these blogs are some of many that feed my soul. I chose blogs no one had mentioned (to my knowledge) so far and ones that I truly glean inspiration from. All right girls, I am off to notify each of you of this post and encourage you to spread the love. Please share your 5 picks and know that I thank you for the part you play in my life.

Thank you Deb, for blessing me with your kind words this morning, they are deeply appreciated and you know the admiration goes both ways. xo

I also discovered this morning that:

My site was nominated for Best Hobby Blog!

I think you can click on it to vote if you are so inclined. Thank you for the nomination Jemjoop! :)


idolatrieartist said...

That totally warms my heart!!!
WHAT wonderful words!

(Giant deep breath for me...)

Thank you very much...
I am completely flattered.
j a n e

gnewfry said...

i start my day exactly the same way. a cup or two of tea and my blogs. i never let anything else take precedence.

i love, love, love the idea of the house of kind words. i'm going to make one too.

here's mine for you:
it's so inspiring to see you continually create; to make room for art in your busy life.