Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning Sale!

The Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me! I spent a good chunk of the weekend going through the house and clearning out the excess that has built up over the last year. I love spring cleaning-it's a chance to get rid of junk, donate the good stuff to charity and just generally organize. In the course of doing all this, I came across a pile of patterns I have amassed and decided that there are many I will never get to, so they need a good home. I listed them here last night because Etsy was having some technical issues, but it's been resolved now, so to make my life easier, I have relocated them to Etsy. So far I have 6 posted, with more to come. If you are interested in getting some great patterns on the cheap, you can visit The Tattered Edge Mercantile. (And yes, I have a "thing" for bees, so you will find several of the patterns include bees!)
In other news, I have booked a bunch of private workshops, which is really exciting. I will be teaching my mixed media charm bracelet as well as a new class called Mini Picasso. It's going to be a busy month! If you would like to book a private workshop, feel free to email me for details!
I am hoping to be able to find time today to get some ribbon so I can bind my Faux Family Album and share the finished results with you. It's looking really fabulous-the artwork is wonderful and Penn and I have finished ours to look like real vintage albums. How I love collaborative books!

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